VERDICT - A clearer view of your world
You dream about an agency that truly understands your world and knows how to help you fully engage with it.

On the street, in the office, at the match, in the car or in the bedroom, we can take you there – where your people are.

If you want a coordinated communications strategy that forms real and lasting relationships but you don’t know where to begin – start here

…and get a clearer view of your world

Our world has changed forever. It has gone
from an fixed-point analogue world to a ubiquitous digital world. Our phones make us prisoners; and they set us free. We live in each other’s spaces, sharing our thoughts and our

photographs, liking what others like, subscribing and unsubscribing.

It’s more than just a change of medium. It is the way we form, conduct and maintain relationships with people, organisations, brands and markets.

So in your world where relationships, both personal and digital, are all important it’s your personality and your values that will make those relationships meaningful and productive.

Let us help you to make your values and personality shine through wherever you are, wherever you go and whatever you do!

At Verdict we help you build valuable and enduring relationships with your world.
Your world strategic - creative - media

The strategy is how we will achieve your goals.

The creative solution connects in the language and style of the medium.

The technical solutions create the media – the right mix of written, visual and digital
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  • Advertising
    Roadside to radio, print to online, TV, mobile or ambient – creative, production, bookings
  • Public relations
    From complex issues communications to media management.
  • Mobile
    Be smarter with smartphones with web optimisation, apps and advertising.
  • Media
    Be in the right place at the right time with the right message. We’ll get you there.
  • Web
    Getting your digital strategy right is just as important as making it look good.
  • Motion
    Use our video production unit for cost-effective vids for your website and YouTube channel.
  • Brand identity
    A clear personality and the right look to express it.
  • Publications
    Annual Reports, strategic plans, product brochures, newsletters – in print and online.
  • Classifieds
    Make recruitment and statutory advertising easy – and all you pay is the media cost. We do it all through our easy-to-use online booking system.


2012 and 2013 Annual Report Thumbnail
Te Wananga o Aotearoa
2012 and 2013 Annual Report
Annual Report Thumbnail
Tainui Group Holdings
Annual Report
iPhone and iPad app Thumbnail
iPhone and iPad app
GeoOp app for Android Thumbnail
GeoOp app for Android
Advertising and brand positioning Thumbnail
Lodge Real Estate
Advertising and brand positioning
Flora Finder iPhone app Thumbnail
University of Otago
Flora Finder iPhone app
Flagship documents set the scene for repositioning Thumbnail
Flagship documents set the scene for repositioning
iSupr8 app for Rip Curl Thumbnail
Rip Curl
iSupr8 app for Rip Curl
Rebranding and product launch into new markets Thumbnail
Rebranding and product launch into new markets
Advertising Thumbnail
Southwell School
Promotional campaign for the dairy industry Thumbnail
Dairy NZ
Promotional campaign for the dairy industry
Advertising Thumbnail
Printicular app Thumbnail
Printicular app
Browse a selection from our branding portfolio Thumbnail
Browse a selection from our branding portfolio
Sponsorship Thumbnail
10-Year Plan communications Thumbnail
Hamilton City Council
10-Year Plan communications
Rebranding Thumbnail
PDV Consultants
Orbiter campaign Thumbnail
Waikato Regional Council
Orbiter campaign
Flo2Cash Android app Thumbnail
Flo2Cash Android app
National advertising and supplier marketing Thumbnail
National advertising and supplier marketing
Annual Report Thumbnail
Annual Report


Meet the team behind Verdict
Ian Anthony
Scottish, interested in cosmology, listens to podcasts, plays the bagpipes. Forty years in the media business.
Eamonn Walsh
More Paddyha than Pakeha. Happy to talk politics, religion, football, art, music, beer and potatoes. Believes good design makes the world a better place.
Vicki Jones
Account Director
Essex girl who hides it well. Addicted to cooking shows and tea. Agency suit since Clinton claimed he didn’t inhale.
David Doggart
Production Manager
New Zealander, follows current affairs and politics, doesn’t read as much as he’d like to and has (or will find) an opinion on almost any issue.
Andrea Dyer
Administration Manager
A Mainlander and self-confessed petrolhead. The black and white brain in the Verdict rainbow. Twenty five years looking after agency financial accounts.
Kat Cox
Creative Project Manager
Waikato's very own Super Kat. Uber smart digital driver, project manager extraordinaire. Creativity meets commercial nous with no messing.
Tania King
Media Manager & Princess
Company Princess, loves the colour pink. Takes photos, books media, has a black cat named Frankenstein.
Janine Murray
Art Director
Wanganui grad and speed boat queen. Perfectionist who manages to focus her eye for detail on the big picture.
Ezra André
Graphic Designer
A passionate and strictly C-grade surfer. But Ezra definitely gets an A-grade as a member of our creative team.
Yash Save
Graphic Designer
Quiet achiever. A little speed-queen with big agency experience. From funky app icons to financials, nothing phases this one.
Ben Woollen
Visionary film maker and photographer who totally gets what businesses need. A local music maestro. Unlimited talent, heaps of it.
Aaron Meredith
Web Designer
Tauranga-born web whiz with design flare. Talks your language. Fierce on the badminton court and fast on the keyboard.
MEA Mobile
Our digital partner
For digital and video projects, Verdict has a close partnership with MEA Mobile, New Zealand’s most prolific producer of mobile apps. MEA Mobile offers full service app development in addition to backend development, web and video services.
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